A Message from the Commissioner

Trinidad Navarro

Insurance touches the lives of almost every Delawarean, and I take pride as the Commissioner of Delaware’s largest consumer protection agency.  Since my election almost four years ago my first priority has been to protect Delaware’s insurance consumers.  This mission has several facets to it. First, we regulate insurance companies to make sure they follow the law and our regulations.  We do financial analysis on insurance companies to make sure they are solvent to pay claims.  I’ve also endeavored  to lower rates wherever possible.  In 2019, we undertook an innovative health reinsurance plan under the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) that had only been done in 5 other states.  This resulted in an average 19% rate reduction on the ACA market place.  This was the first such reduction since the ACA was enacted 10 years ago.  In addition, we proposed over a dozen consumer friendly bills that became law in Delaware.  Over the past 3 years we’ve seen consecutive reductions in Delaware’s Workers Compensation Insurance rates, which helps Delaware’s employers.  My first priority upon taking office in 2017, was to get legislation passed to eliminate discriminatory practices by auto insurers.  Setting rates determined by your income, marital status or zip code became illegal under Substitute 1 of House Bill 80.

Also in 2019, we recovered $1.4 million for Delaware’s insurance consumers while handling 4,200 consumer complaints, and recovered nearly $900,000 through arbitration for 500 cases with nearly a 90% success rate for favorable results for our consumers. I am truly proud of the great work our staff does for our State.

I’m seeking office to be your Insurance Commissioner again based upon my record over the past 3 1/2 years.  I will continue to make sure insurance companies are solvent, honor their obligations to consumers, and strive to lower rates.  I’m asking for your support in the upcoming election, because this type of work is never done