“I was desperately battling my health insurance company over several baseless denials for a necessary cervical surgery to alleviate 24/7 nerve pain in my right arm and neck.  The insurance denials and subsequent appeals had been going on for over a month before I sent Trinidad Navarro an email inquiring about assistance with this.  Trinidad and his team responded within ½ hour, requested documents, and jumped on the case that afternoon.  They made sure that I got the surgery that I needed and that the insurance company covered it.  Without their assistance, I feel that I would still be tied up with appeals and denials.  Trinidad and his team played a crucial role in my recovery, I only wish I went to them sooner.”

— David Parkinson, Wilmington, DE

“Our daughter was involved in a minor accident, however her car was totaled. The insurance company only offered us $6,000 for a car worth $10,000. After personally speaking with Commissioner Navarro, his office was able to help us with a final settlement of $9,400. We are so grateful to Trinidad Navarro and his team.”

— Aaron B., Middletown, Delaware

“Prior to retiring from my former job with a State Agency, I met with an HR Rep to sign all the retirement papers, including my health care coverage. I was told, and provided with official paperwork indicating I would be covered by the company’s health insurance plan for an entire month after my retirement date. This coverage was very important because I was scheduled for a surgical procedure the week following my retirement date.

When the Physician’s office who was scheduled to perform my procedure called me to confirm my health insurance coverage, they advised me that my insurance had been terminated. With my procedure only days away I immediately contacted the HR Department to find out why my insurance had been terminated. I was informed that the HR Rep who processed my retirement paper work made a mistake in her calculations and incorrectly canceled my Insurance coverage. I explained to the HR Rep that I have official paperwork in my possession that indicates that I am covered for another month. I then told her my procedure was scheduled months ago and will take place in a few days.

Upon asking her if she could reinstate my coverage for my procedure she said, “No there is nothing I can do.” When I asked her what am I supposed to do about my procedure? Her answer was, “You are on your own.” Knowing that I needed to find some help ASAP, I contacted Trinidad Navarro, the Insurance Commissioner for the State of Delaware. Within minutes of me explaining my situation to Mr. Navarro, he got the ball rolling! Later that evening I received a call from Mr. Navarro’s office advising me that, not only will my procedure be covered, all other outstanding bills will be also, and they were! We are very thankful for Trinidad and all of the wonderful people at the Department of Insurance.”

— Alphonso D., New Castle, Delaware